Marketing for others

We assist global companies to access the Saudi and GCC markets through business development, marketing, sales, and contract management expertise.

Our specialty is developing business opportunities for international companies in Saudi Arabia and the GCC. We work with them on agreements to market their products and services in the region. We work in the government contracts sector, especially defense contracts; we search for tenders and the needs of government and military institutions and then look for suppliers of products and services in global markets.

 Some confuse the concept of developing business opportunities with sales and marketing. The truth is that this confusion is justified; The idea of business development includes many roles in sales, marketing, strategic partnerships, and others. Business development is different from marketing and sales. While selling can be described as selling a specific product or service, business development is more about finding new strategic opportunities and building alliances, which will eventually lead to more sales. Marketing and sales are deals, and business development is a matter of strategy.

Business development aims to increase profits and make intelligent business decisions that provide value to companies and customers. Our Business Development Department strives to grow businesses; through closely studying customers and understanding their needs, building strategic partnerships for future business growth, studying current markets, discovering and identifying future opportunities, increasing brand awareness, and improving the company’s reputation in the market.

We work in business development with our client to develop the brand, generate leads, and build new strategic partnerships; To help reach new customers and open new marketing horizons.

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